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PS-NEPB01 Electrical Pediatric Intensive Care Bed

Electrical adjustment of backrest, footrest, height, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg

Fowler and vascular positions

Patient hand control and nurse control unit

Auto CPR

Retracting backrest and footrest

Auto contour

Fold down PP siderails

Wire mesh bed platform

Compact laminate bed platform (optional)

Removable head and footboards

Two lockable castors

Central and directional lockable castors (optional)

Electrostatic painted steel frame

Height adjustable stainless steel IV pole

Easy knee break position

Plastic bumpers in the four corners of the bed

Battery backup (optional)

Instant CPR in the Backrest (optional)

Accessories sockets in the four corners of the bed

One button Cardiac chair, shock position, semi- fowler position, bed exit position and examination position adjustments 

Hand control unit is lockable to prevent any undesirable position

X-Ray translucent backrest and Cassette holder (optional)

IPX4 standard electronic system

Technical Data:

Overall Length: 195 cm

Overall Width: 95 cm

Height Range: 40-76 cm

Trendelenburg: 0°-16°

Reverse Trendelenburg: 0°-16°

Backrest Angle (Max.): 70°

Legrest Angle (Max.): 40°

Castor Diameter: 12,5 cm

Under Bed Clearance: 15 cm

Safe Working Load: 180 kg

Electrical Data:

Power In:1.5 A max. 230V AC 50-60 Hz

Electrical Shock Protection : Class I, Type B

Liquid Ingress Protection : IPX4 - IPX6

Batteries : 2x 12V Series, Connected, Sealed, Rechargeable, Lead / Acid gel,   12 amp hrs. 

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